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Super Mini Elm327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5 Car Diagnostic-Tool Scanner

Super Mini Elm327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5 Car Diagnostic-Tool Scanner

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Diagnostic Scan Tool for Android devices.  

Do you have a Check Engine Light on in your car? Have you had a Check Engine Light that came on then went off shortly after?  Did you figure it was nothing and didn't want to take the time to stop and talk to the ever so knowledgeable guys behind the counter at your nearest auto-parts store? 

Maybe you just want to stay on top of whats going on with your engine, but don't want to put forth hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a Professional grade Diagnostic scan tool that you may only use a handful of times a year? 

What if you are a mechanic and have a use for a scan tool, but again don't want to fork out the cash for a full-size one? 

Introducing the revolutionary ELM 327 Blutetooth Scan tool for Android Devices.  Simply connect to the OBD II port on the car, and then open the corresponding Torque app; and viola! All you need-to-know about your car, past & present - presented to you in an easy to use and easy to understand user interface!

Make sure to download the Torque app on your Android or Apple Device found!



  • We only provide English version software CD.
  • We have a free ELM327 software download for all languages.
  • If CD unreadable or damaged, please contact us to send you download link
  • Does not support ABS and airbag detection.


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