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C85 - Coffee Flex Fuel 11 oz. Black Mug

C85 - Coffee Flex Fuel 11 oz. Black Mug

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Picture for a moment, its early in the morning. You've just been rudely awakened by your selfish alarm clock.

You lift your arms with the weight of a thousand oceans in order to hit the "snooze" button.

Only to be judged and jolted back out of your soft slumber by none other than, that pesky selfish alarm clock yet again.

Who do you work for, anyway? You grumble under your dry morning breath.

You reluctantly roll out of your ever-so-comfortable bed, eyes still partially shut and watering profusely. 

Stumbling over clothes while simultaneously dodging life-altering corners, you know the ones your toes are intimately close with.

Finally you make it to the one saving grace of your groggy morning. 

The mood setter that helps you start the day

The one that keeps you from snapping your co-woker's neck upon walking in the company door.


Or as we like to call it


Flex Fuel for humans. 

It's like E85.  It's cheap, smells great, and powers your engine effectively.

Showcase your addiction with this limited time T-shirt and Coffee Mug bundle.


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