Fibre Glast Real Carbon Fiber Fabric - 3K, 2 X 2 - Twill Weave - 1 yd Roll


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  • Classic Carbon Look with Incredible Strength
  • Twill weave provides signature aesthetics and ease of use
  • Highest quality aerospace fibers used for unmatched reliability
  • Unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • High Modulus for superior rigidity

This 3K tow (3000 filiments per fiber) fabric provides outstanding structural strength with a signature appearance that is highly desirable for modern composite parts in the aerospace, auto, marine, and sporting goods industries.



Warp 3K, 12-14
Filling 3K, 12-14
Strength 610-640 KSI
Tensile Modulus 33.6-34.9 MSI
Weave 2x2 Twill
Full Roll Length 100 yards
Color Black
Weight 5.7 - 5.9 oz/sq yd