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fruit mana 

Welcome to the Fruit Mana introductory page!  As the stand-alone site is being engineered, learn all you need to know about this new individually owned and operated Brand!
fruit mana sweet berry limeade
Our main goal is to provide to you the best all natural juice and beverages available on the market.  You may wonder what sets our drinks apart from the rest?  Do you like having High-fructose Corn Syrup loaded into your drinks?  What about fake, artificial flavors and preservatives, do you like those?  How about added extra chemical ingredients, that don't necessarily have to be in the drink?
fruit mana sweet berry limeade
If you answered NO to any or all of these questions, then you have come to the right place!  
This is the home of 100% all natural fruit drinks, that give back to you just what the fruit originally intended- unmatched flavor combined with nutrients! 
fruit mana sweet berry limeade
Here, our drinks are are created out of the love and passion for creativity in the culinary arts.  That means, no fake colors or dyes. No artificial flavors. Only just what mother nature intended, mixed with premium Alkaline water from the Water Tree to help further improve your bodies environment!
fruit mana sweet berry limeade
Pre-order your revolutionary drink experience now! 


Pre-Orders will ship once we get to the first 500 orders! Help us spread the word by sharing this page with a friend so you can get your drink sooner!
All drinks are MADE-TO-ORDER to ensure freshness. IF you live in the Houston area, Pre-order's will be hand-delivered.  

What is it made of?

Great question!  4 Main fruits, plus some extra hints for flavor.  Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple and Lime!  With some added Honey and vanilla mixed in. Super refreshing and delicious -- or as we like to call it -- Deliciously Refreshing!


Is there any added sugar?

Yes. We use regular store-bought sugar granules and raw Texas wildflower honey!


Is there a refund?

Since this is a consumable food and drink beverage, no. 


Do you do catering?  

Yes! We do offer live catering for events, competitions, weddings and car meets.  Send us an email to learn more:


Will there be more flavors?

Absolutely!  We have more coming down the pipeline in the coming weeks, including a very good blended coffee drink, stay tuned!