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Assetto Corsa 

Cars & Track Mods we love to use. LA Canyons, Lake Louise, Project Touge and more!

Custom Server Name :   TSI Open Track Day

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 800hp C6 Corvette GS Dspec Download : Link



C7 Corvette Twin Turbo 700hp

C7 Corvette 700BHP Twin TurboLink 1



C7 Corvette 1200HP Twin Turbo

C7 Corvette 1200BHP Twin Turbo : Link 1


Mazda Miata Cup V8

Miata Cup Car V8Link 1


 BMW E36 M3 Judd | Link 

 Midnight Wanderer's S13 | Link                                                                  (drift)
 NISMO Skyline R33 GTR LM | Link
 Subaru WRX Time Attack | Link
 Seat 600 Hillclimb           | Link  
 Seat Escort Hillclimb
 TRD Supra(s) 700hp - 1300hp | Link
 Toyota Supra JZA8-GT500 | Link







Lake Louise :

Islands Beta :

Project Touge :

Isle Of Mann :

Drift Playground :