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Remember how irritating the seat belt in our cars can be?  Now imagine being a little kid sitting in that seat.  Now, imagine how difficult it is to fall asleep in the car with the very seat-belt meant to protect you; trying to strangle you.  Rubbing against your neck and shoulder, causing irritation and frustration-let alone the sleep deprivation!  

Here at, we know that feeling all-to-well.  Which is why we are offering our new Seat-belt Cushions for Kids at such a great, limited time deal!  

Get yours now while you can!  Orders ship 1-3 days after processing!

Item Width: 9cm
Item Weight: 85g
Material Type: Micro-suede fabric
Special Features: Baby, Children, Safety Strap / Car Seat Belts
Model Name: Shoulder & Neck Protection
Item Length: 28cm

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