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It's easy to spot the car of the year at this years SEMA show was none other than Toyota's new A90 Supra.  Amid all the controversy of its BMW underpinnings, it still wowed the industry with its sleek good looks and high tune-potential.

ekanoo racing a90 supra

Toyota A90 Heritage Edition

In short, this can be a seen as an early success for the Supra.  Not only was there ample hype up until launch, it has also been delivering countless cheek to cheek grins and sexy head shots.  

Adam LZ Giveaway A90 Supra

The community was quick to crack its core, an a few exquisite examples can be seen with Papadaikis's A90 Supra B58 Engine Build series.  There, they tear into the heart of this new beast and show you just what makes it tick. Turn the page and check out Adam LZ's A90 Supra give away - where he builds an A90 to over 600whp with just bolt ons, upgraded turbo and a tune! 

TJ hunt streetfighter A90 Supra Widebody

Then you have Tj Hunt's groundbreaking new 3-d printed widebody kit, the StreetFighter by Street Hunter.  Awesome stuff, and the SEMA show was riddled with many other widebody A90's outside of this one.  HKS had there debut, a few other youtubers and many other Auto specialists. 

Toyota Supra Heritage Edition

Even Toyota came out to play, showcasing there new Heritage edition that entails a glorious rear spoiler hearkening back to the Mk4 Supra of lore.  They even went as far as to restyle the rear tail lamps to resemble the essence of the Mk4.  Truly, Toytoa is trying to speak back to the community. 

hks a90 supra

With all this said, the A90 Supra comes in a small and nimble package.  It's stylish. It's different.  It has loads of potential out of the box.  It's got wide rear hips that everyone loves.  It's got turbo whistle goodness right out of the factories hands. It rips the drag strip with simple tires and a tune.

Truly, the new A90 Supra lives up to the Supra name. 


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