The 500hp Budget Build - V8 Lexus IS300

The 500hp Budget Build - V8 Lexus IS300

5.3 ls

This build is centered around doing the most with the least amount of resources available to you.  How to make everything count towards your end goal.  From cleaning an entire engine bay with a toothbrush, to meticulously hand painting and building the entire 5.3 LS engine in a home garage (an apartment garage now as I type this).  

In the beginning, we didn't even know what car we were building this engine for. Many things crossed our minds, we toyed with many conceptual ideas day and night, back and forth.  We even had some of you guys, our amazing subscribers, offer up your own old project cars and cars you had no use for.  From a Mazda Rx8 to a V6 Fbody Camaro, even an S10 was thrown in there-you guys really came out with support and enthusiasm for this build. Something we never really truly accurately showed our appreciation for.   Thank you so much for that. 

5.3 ls connecting rod bearing

It was a bit overwhelming at the time, mainly because again- we had very little resources (in the way of money), which made transporting vehicles across state lines a daunting task to take on. Then came the issue with storage for another vehicle, let alone ripping it entirely apart, swapping the engine, and then putting it all back together again. At the beginning and throughout most of the build, was between our parents house's. So as you could imagine, space became limited as we and our projects grew. 

We both moved out, ended up on different ends of town. So now logistics and timing became a big hurdle to over come.  As life went on, things got rough for both of us and the overall interest in the build kinda died off, as the focus on survival was all that mattered then. 

Piston install

So fast forward a bit, I ended up grabbing an IS300 shell from a friend who needed to get rid of it. Had a blown up 2j, which I then sold to help recoup some funds. 

lexus is300

So now, we have a car and way more of a plan. We have a location. We are actively working hard on building more resources so we can make this dream a reality, and enjoy all our hard work on the street. 

lexus is300 engine bay

The goals of the build are fairly simple; build a really fun street car with tripple duty.   You might be saying, hows that simple?  Well, that what makes the build series interesting. How we go about getting it done, and the end result. 

1. Streetable, driftable, raceable car. Tripple duty. 

5.3 LS

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You can check out the full build series here on Youtube! 



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